"Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty" 🎶  Our new Rewards Program is Lit!

"Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty" 🎶 Our new Rewards Program is Lit!

Our new Rewards Program is so much better.

The old rewards program gave VIP Members the opportunity to earn points on each purchase from our website that they could use towards future purchases. It was OK.

Truth is, it was a little complicated, pretty limited, and quite frankly, no one really used it.

So we scrapped it and came up with something much better...

Check your points from any page.

Simply log in to your VIP account or create one to be able to check your points balance from anywhere on our website. We've added 500 VIP Points to every customer account to help get you started.

More ways to earn more points.

Instead of the old 1-to-1 points model (that took forever), now every dollar you spend with us earns you 5 VIP Points that you can use towards discounts, free shipping, gift cards and more. 

You can also rack up points by taking other actions like bragging about us on social media. Yay!

Refer friends & get rewarded.

VIP is always better when you can get your friends in. Send your friends an invite or post your custom link to your social media profiles to give your friends and followers $5 Off of they're first purchase ($20 minimum) and you'll get 500 VIP Points when they do! Now that's dope.


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