#VIPDAYPARTY & Product Launch Recap

Champagne or Shampoo? This is the question that has many stumped. Easily mistaken for an alcoholic beverage, the guests were pleasantly surprised when informed the highlight of the event was shampoo and conditioner. As a fun approach to hair care, VIP Luxury Hair Care calls it a gift to dry and brittle hair. The unique packaging promotes the mixing and pairing of shampoos and conditioners similar to delectable libations experienced at a day party.

The release includes three additions to the hair care line: Rosé Champoo (Shampoo), Rosé Conditioner and Mojito Shampoo. (pictured above)

           The turnout at the #VIPDAYPARTY was everything our team could’ve asked for, if not more. Outside the venue cast a line that almost wrapped around the corner. Upon entering The Revolution (1840 Thalia St, New Orleans LA), one could feel the high spirits that led throughout the four areas of the venue. The chic and lively vibes complemented the relaxed cabana-style atmosphere, flawlessly. More importantly, each guest was awed by the innovativeness of the collection's concept, packaging, and delivery. It was a much needed celebration for the combined efforts of our founder, executive board and team of stylists.  The team wore smiles from sun-up to sun-down, grateful for the moment. “The feeling of watching my vision come to fruition, after a year of hard work, is priceless,” said Ceo & founder, Ashanti Lation. 


The fun didn’t stop there. Special appearances from Quality Control's own Coach K to New Orleans' own, Juvenile were unexpected and certainly a crowd treat. Guests were overjoyed when gifted with swag bags that included official brand logo scarves, semi-permanent tattoos, and T-shirts. “I feel like I’m at a party in Miami,'' said Miami native who was visiting. The luxury hair company's motto, “Life is better in VIP. Experience the difference in quality and customer that VIP provides” was unquestionably expressed at the launch party.

The #VIPDAYPARTY came to a close with humbling words from VIP Luxury Hair & Haircare Founder & CEO, Ashanti Lation.

"Our everlasting commitment to excellence and hyper focus on creating an unmatched VIP experience has once again resulted in the creation of products that we are extremely proud of. You can now pre-order the Day Party Collection now at www.vipluxuryhair.com


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