21 Day Natural Hair Care Challenge

While all of us are inside because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us know what we need to do to attain healthy hair, but for whatever reason, we procrastinate on doing it.

 #21DayswithVIP is focused on accountability and consistency

This challenge isn’t another Natural Hair Growth Challenge, because that’s not what we’re focusing on. Instead, this is a Natural Hair Care Challenge, focusing on healthy hair through consistency. This will help with growth/length-retention in the long run.

Through a sense of community (those also taking part in the challenge), you’ll have people to be accountable to. People on the same journey, motivating you along.

This challenge goes for 21 days. But, the real goal is to build up habits that will carry you past the end of the month. I also hope that when this challenge is over, you can commit to hair care consistency.

Hair Challenge Rules:

♦You MUST sleep either on a satin pillow or with your hair covered in a scarf/bonnet.

♦No HEAT styling. Times you can use heat? When doing a treatment (hot oil, deep condition, protein treatment, etc.) Maintain in a protective style at least 80% of the month

♦ Low manipulation styles pleaseMaintain in a protective style at least 80% of the monthand that you can leave for a few days to a week without really touching it. (twists, plaits).

♦ Moisturize weekly. this looks like a full wash-day once a week. Depending on what products I use on wash-day, midweek refreshes aren’t always that effective for me. This is because I can’t remoisturize with product already built up on my strands. It won’t sink in properly-and I’ll probably end up with flakiness from product buildup.

♦ Apply Greaux Drops daily


Use it to share updates about your journey, and to connect with fellow-challenge mates, past and present.

Second… WE HAVE A BINGO!! (And some bonus activities!) Once that the official 21 day challenge has passed, you can still do the bingo for fun! And through participating, you’ll connect’ with others, or you and your friends can keep each other accountable!

And of course, our DMs and email are always open! If I don’t know the answer, we're happy to point you in the right direction. 

 So, if you’re ready to join us, follow the hashtag #21DaysWVIP on Instagram.